National Pedal Pullers Association

                                        2019 National Pedal Pull Hosts




We are the DeVos's located out of Marshall, Minnesota.  Being raised around the big tractor pulling skids for the past 30 years and going to many pedal pulls as kids all summer long and having lots of fun, my brother and I decided the summer of 2010 that it would be fun to get into "what we once loved to do" Pedal Pulling!  As kids, we had so much fun traveling from town to town.  So we wanted to be on the other side to see all the kids smiling and excited faces, like we once had.  So we looked into what it would take to get the Little Scrapper Pedal Pull Skids going, and in 2011 we had our first pedal pull.  We are so happy to now be on the other side and see all the kids get so excited about pedal pulling, that we have 2 twin trailers to do our pedal pulling out of. 

We would like to wish all the kids at the 2019 National Pedal Pull Championships Good Luck and can't wait to see all the smiling and excited faces once again.

 Derek and Devin DeVos  and Families


2.  NORTH DAKOTA                           

                       T & T PEDAL PULLS

T & T Pedal Pulls started in 2006 in Glyndon, Minnesota.  We started by doing a pull at our town's local event.  Both our kids were really active in pedal pulls and now are active in helping run the pulls.  This will be our 2nd time pulling at the national pedal pull.  Terry has been the chairman for the North Dakota Pedal Pull Association for the last 4 years.  Terry has also been on the National Pedal Pull board for the last 2 years.  Terry says that the best part of the week is pedal pull day!  Seeing how much fun the kids have is why we do this. 

Thanks for inviting us to pull at the nationals!

 We would like to wish all the pullers today the best of luck at the 2019 National Pedal Pull Championship! 

Terry, Tammy, Alexis and Dawson Sperr